01.19.11 100th

-I wanted to revisit the praying mantis from one hundred posts ago.

01.18.11 background

-So warm inside... yet so cold outside.

01.17.11 foreground

-The wind must have been blowing just right to make these identical mounds above and below the railing.

01.09.11 railroad overpass

-Even though the tracks are about a quarter of a mile from our house we can still hear the train's soft rumble before we go to sleep.

01.08.11 almost frozen

-With temperatures in the single digits the river is almost ready for crossing.

01.07.11 hibernating canoes

-Part of me wants to canoe down the Little Miami in the dead of winter and I have no idea why that sounds appealing to me.

01.06.11 sad goodbye

-After ten winters in five states it's time to say goodbye to my worn out coat.  

01.05.11 self healing

-So the fog lights that haven't been working for half a year suddenly turned back on...
All it took was a lack of attention to the road and running over a large pothole. 

01.04.11 paradise layered

-crushed coral, burnt brush, soft sand, stiff green, calm ocean, puffy clouds, and finally
endless blue skies.

01.03.11 office view

-Try to keep your jealousy to a minimum.

01.02.11 ensemble

-The hand crafted pillows in the hand crafted-gutted-redone living room.  The floors
were our largest achievement / nightmare.

01.01.11 hand crafted

-Rachel made pillows for the living room and I must say they are store superior.

12.31.10 monadnock block

-This Chicago landmark is the tallest load bearing masonry building ever constructed.  
The main reason why they stopped building high rises out of brick is because this
monster has six foot thick walls at its base.