12.30.10 garage floor no2

-It's weird that I still have the new tire rubber fuzzies after a half a year. 

12.29.10 garage floor no1

-Water slowly creeps along.  Who wouldn't take a photo of this?

12.28.10 the office

-I think my desk is getting a little cluttered.

12.27.10 fish

-The Landreman household experienced the loss of fish today.  Fish was his name and this photo was taken when he was alive several months back, just to clarify.

12.26.10 island color

-One year ago today I was on the island taking this photo.

12.25.10 globe of snow

-Tis the season for snow globes.

12.24.10 skywalk

-Stepping out of my car...

12.23.10 needs salt

-I have shoveled and salted our deck stairs more this December than any other
December since we moved into our house.

12.22.10 muffled silence

-When the snow sticks to the trees you could hear a pin drop in our back yard assuming that it fell someplace where there was no snow.  

12.21.10 midday

-The living room as it appears around lunch time.

12.20.10 sandwich glass

-Down in the depths of Rachel's ongoing collection.

12.14.10 gradient

-Thanks to some light powder and a good wind I was able to capture this photo.

12.13.10 festival of lights

-It was freezing... and the only time I didn't mind the smell in the nice warm elephant house.

12.10.10 floating mountains

-The mountains you see are the mainland of Honduras.  This photo was taken on out way back to our island with the last of the Pigeon Key island chain in the foreground.  This link will take you to this exact island in Google Earth.

12.09.10 mystery shed

-I know the shed next door has to contain something cooler than a lawnmower.

12.07.10 historical remnants

-This is one of the few remaining buildings in what will hopefully one day be a rebuilt Loveland square.

12.06.10 second snow

-If the first days of December are any indication then winter will be snow filled.

12.05.10 cloud gate

-This sculpture by Ghery is also better known as "The Bean" and is too amazing for words.

12.04.10 almost.... there

-Life is rough when you're only one inch tall.

12.03.10 super savings

-It's like a money treasure hunt, but with more rules and slightly less exhilarating. 

12.02.10 road less traveled

-I'm sure that if I had stood here the entire day I possibly would have seen one car, and that person most likely would have been lost.

12.01.10 come on in

-Our front door fills the living room with scattered rainbows in the middle of day.  When little Noah was over he saw one of them on the floor and announced, "Look what I made!"

11.30.10 sharp shooter

-The casing of a bullet I shot from thirty feet to hit a walnut perched on top of a bottle.  If anyone doubts this claim I have witnesses.

11.29.10 growth chart

-I think my mower's blade is crooked.

11.28.10 watch your head

-Even though this bridge is very low it's still hard to believe when the river flooded a few years ago that this sign was almost at the flood level.

11.27.10 urban canyon

-While living in Chicago I took this photo of the Rookery which is considered to be
the oldest standing high-rise in the city.  What once dominated the skyline of 1888 
is now dwarfed by its modern day architectural counterparts.

11.26.10 morning oasis

-I’m standing at the tip of Sandy Cay off the coast of Honduras at 6:00 in the morning.  This is the only place I’ve ever been where I could easily convince myself that I was the only person on the face of the earth.

11.25.10 here comes the sun

-The sun took all morning to finally peek through the trees.

11.24.10 buckyball birthday

-After receiving these seemingly mundane magnetic balls as a gift from Rachel I proceeded to spend the next two hours discovering endless possibilities

11.23.10 borrowed inspiration

-This woodblock painting hangs in our house above my favorite chair, here it is for everyone else to enjoy. 

11.22.10 giant grass

-Every spring we cut this grass down to a stub and I'm always amazed when fall comes
around and it's taller than Rachel and I put together.

11.21.10 morning web

-Rachel snapped this photo with a little point and shoot she carries around in her purse on Friday morning before her kindergarten class arrived.

11.20.10 foggy walk

-Our morning walk on the bike trail was very cool (the scenery and the temperature).  
You can see Rachel leaving me in her dust.

11.19.10 remnant of 1915

-One of the last original surfaces in our house is the hand painted floor in the attic crawl space.  Perhaps at one time this was the playroom or bedroom for very small children who didn't mind cramped quarters.

11.18.10 mark of freedom

-The Freedom Center is certainly a building that gives the riverfront some interest, too bad it will soon have to compete with the rest of the development that's creeping its direction.

11.17.10 moon second take

-With one photo already at night it was only fitting that it should be accompanied by a shot during the day as well.

11.16.10 crazy freezing

-I took this at Washington Park (with Music Hall to my back) two years ago when it was a sweltering minus two degrees.  This was for an architecture proposal otherwise I would have been inside along with every other sane person that day.  

11.15.10 self portrait

-Rachel gave me both cameras involved in this photo  They are essentially the same 
except for seventy years and the lingering question of which lens do you look into?

11.14.10 rewind

-As the days get colder I find myself searching for the seasonal rewind button.  Perhaps this doesn't really apply given our recent weather so revisit this post in about three weeks.

11.13.10 turtle train

My dirty windshield only helped to illustrate that the part of town where Rachel's school is located is gritty... to say the least.

11.12.10 so 1951

-I think our next door neighbor is the only house in Loveland that still boasts an antenna.  Admittedly there are probably others but this is the one I see when I walk outside every day. 

11.11.10 un-unpack the winter clothes

-Even though Apple's weather app can be flaky at times I think it was right on today.