10.31.10 nature's ladder

-There's something about this single tree that attracts this growth, it's completely covered.

10.30.10 growth spurt

-I think this was just wishful thinking on my part.

10.29.10 lingering color

-This is the last remaining bit of fall that I could find.  If you blinked you missed the entire season this year.

10.28.10 the claawww

-The packaging says for ages three and up so I'm only assuming that twenty seven is perfectly fine.

10.27.10 miniature canopy

-I'm thinking about replanting our Japanese maple upside down given that this is by far the better view.

10.26.10 still standing

-The house and trees are still intact after "the Midwest wind machine."

10.24.10 pine tree pelican

-This pelican spent most of the day gliding around our island off the coast of Honduras.  Every once in awhile it would take a dive into the ocean and gobble up whatever the catch happened to be.

10.23.10 unique love

-This photo was taken as a gift for my wife Rachel and it now sits on her dresser

10.21.10 homegrown

-I was pretty hesitant eating something grown by me on my driveway; I'm still alive though.

10.20.10 local landmark

-Peters Cartridge Company is one of those places that is fantastically eerie.  
I went to a haunted house here when I was little and I think it scarred me... 
it scared me too.

10.19.10 keeping time

-We purchased this Sessions clock on Craigslist because it matched our furniture and was around 100 years old.  We were simply amazed when we opened it up.

10.18.10 invasion

-Here is a flashback to the cicada invasion.  So long until 2025.

10.17.10 shillito at spring grove

-Spring Grove cemetery is the resting place for many well known families.  This obelisk is for the Shillito family; founder of Shillito's department store which became Lazarus and is known today as Macy's.

10.16.10 skewed in Asheville

-The Biltmore is impressive to say the least but the winding stair tower really steals the show.

10.15.10 see what I see

-For all of you that may be having a cloudy evening I give you the moon.

10.14.10 eater of the garden

-My wife and I have struggled with deer munching on our brand new garden.  We have finally accepted that we'll need to have a new strategy going into next spring.  Behold the main muncher.

10.13.10 highlight of the yard

-No matter how dry the summer or fall may be this tree always looks amazing.

10.12.10 journey up the house

-This praying mantis fell off the roof of the house while Rachel and I were watering some plants; it spent the next several hours trying to climb back up.